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Yesterday, I wrote here that I was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America today to talk about an issue that’s virtually absent from the presidential campaign. You responded in force with guesses about what the issue is, and several of you guessed right.

But there is a reason I used that phrase, “scheduled to appear” — because with TV, you never know. I got bumped from the live show this a.m., so we taped the segment and hopefully it will air soon. I will let you know. Since the segment hasn’t aired yet, I shouldn’t divulge the topic, although I can give another hint.

ABC News recently ran a poll asking the following question:

“Thinking ahead to the November 2008 presidential election, what is the single most important issue in your choice for president?”

The topic I was discussing does not appear on the list of 18 answers below. Now keep in mind that people were asked to list only their top issue, not to rank a list of issues. Still, I was surprised to see the topic missing from this list. Which, of course, is why you haven’t heard much about it during the campaign: if the people aren’t thinking about it, the politicians aren’t talking about it.

1. Economy/Jobs
2. Iraq/War in Iraq
3. Health Care
4. Ethics/Honesty/Corruption in government
(TIED FOR No. 5)
Terrorism/National security
Immigration/Illegal immigration
(TIED FOR No. 6)
Morals/Family values
Foreign policy
(TIED FOR No. 7)
Social Security
(TIED FOR No. 8)
Federal budget deficit
Global warming
Iran/Situation in Iran
Guns/Gun control

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  1. Annie Hanks says:

    Civil Rights, including women’s rights and racial and gender inequality should be on the agenda somewhere. Don’t you think? Or have we solved those problems so well?

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  2. Charles says:

    I never understood why morals/family values were considered an issue. Do we want the government to regulate our ethics and decision making? I can see it being a character trait with a candidate, but an issue certainly implies the candidate can make policies about it. I always thought a majority of Americans were fiscally conservative with liberal morals, liberal meaning allow us to control ourselves, not liberal meaning we’re all hippie pot smokers fighting the man.

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  3. Nina says:

    Geez, I’m really not thinking about it!
    Legislation and the legal-making process?

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  4. Brian says:



    Religion? (Although that may be roled into morals/family values and abortion)

    Technology? (Internet regulation, etc)

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  5. Nina says:

    Can I guess again?
    The weak dollar? (thanks Sam Bashton!)

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  6. Thomas B. says:

    Net Neutrality?

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  7. steve sloan says:

    Would it be the infrastructure of the US. Specifically, the antiquated bridges / highways and lack of spending.

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  8. Brian says:

    I think the weak dollar would be covered under “economy”…

    Is real estate market covered there though?

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