A.C.C. Champs?

The Atlantic Coast Conference is a pretty mighty college sports division. Duke and Carolina win more than their share of N.C.A.A. basketball championships, and the N.B.A. is lousy with former A.C.C. players. (I suspect that Carolina players make better pros than Duke players, but that’s a topic for another day.) In 2006, Carolina’s women’s soccer team won its 18th national title.

So with all these champs to honor, what do you think is the most sought-after shirt among A.C.C. fans?

I was in Raleigh recently and found the answer in an airport A.C.C. gear shop:

Duke Shirts

The clerk told me the Duke lacrosse shirt was his best seller. I wonder how that could be. True, Duke’s lacrosse team won the A.C.C. title last year, but perhaps other factors are at play?

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  1. Zarthas says:

    The Duke Lacrosse team rape scandal comes to mind.

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  2. AaronS says:

    I find this highly suspicious. Why? Because everyone knows that the most exalted, most glorious, most powerful, and most wonderful tradition of all is that of the FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES football team!

    Sounds to me like this is some plot to attempt to steal the thunder of the most important college football team in history (or the future).


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  3. chappy says:

    I think this might be another case of “Bad Typo Dept.”
    “the N.B.A. is lousy with former A.C.C. players”

    I’m pretty sure you are using the slang of ‘lousy with’ to mean the NBA is well-stocked with ACC players, but my initial read was the the NBA has been negligent or poor in developing ACC players.

    As for Duke I think it proves even poor national media coverage is GOOD national media coverage. (Although in this case the negative coverage turned was poorly founded and turned the team into martryrs for media attention and due process gone bad).

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  4. S. Heaton says:

    There are two segments of consumer here:
    (a) People who want to bask in the scandal and wear the shirt out of some silly sense of irony
    (b) People who feel that the LAX players were not given fair due process and want to show them support.

    Since the research triangle has been basking in excellence for years, most people probably already own their “regular” Duke, NC, and NC STATE gear and what you’re seeing is a somewhat temporary shock.

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  5. Jess Godfrey says:

    Considering two of the five best players in the league (Tim Duncan and Chris Paul) came from an ACC school (my alma mater Wake Forest), I wouldn’t be so quick to judge ACC players in the NBA…

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  6. yo says:

    The Duke lacrosse jersey has been a very popular Halloween costume the last few years.

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  7. Pup, MD says:

    The perfect gift for the misogynist who has everything!

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  8. Charles says:

    People buy them to manipulate what’s going on in your head. For every Duke Lacrosse shirt, matter, there is the anti matter, its unseen evil twin, Nifong. Try to think of one without the other. You can’t. It’s the little guy sticking it to the man, on a shirt, with a subtle grace you achieve when you don’t address the evil twin directly. If you were to do so it would all unbalance and both Nifong and Duke Lacrosse would be destroyed.

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