A Must-Have Robot

I have often heard people say that robots will prove immensely useful in performing household tasks, but I have had a hard time understanding how.

I have also wondered why so much scientific effort goes into making robots look like humans. It is not easy to design robots that walk on two legs, for instance.

But after reading this interview with author David Levy, I finally understand the answer to both of these questions.

The book that tells the full story is here.

See also his visit with Stephen Colbert.

(Hat tip to Spectre)

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  1. Lyn LeJjeune says:

    How a Robot Saved My Marriage:

    My husband and I had been in therapy for three years without much change in our relationship. Then last evening the UPS truck arrived with a big package just for me. I love, love those UPS guys (has anyone ever seen a UPS gal?). Anyway, I hadn’t ordered anything, so you bet I was excited.
    I nearly attacked the box, since I’m pretty frustrated as my hubby was due home any minute and all I had to look forward to was another night of arguing and no sex. Well, dang and thank the good lord I am now the proud owner of a nifty robot by the name of Lancet. He is a gift from my husband.
    Lancet is fully equipped – I mean FULLY EQUIPPED – IF YOU GET MY DRIFT. He also does the housework- one of the main problems Gerald and I had (Gerald, lame name don’t you think?) Lancet is also programmed to discuss any subject from foreign policy and the economy (with the press of the purple button he can change parties and argue on the opposite side of the aisle)to couples therapy with demonstrations (Lancet is unisexed). Gerald
    says that by using Lancet instead of Doctor Smythe we will save enough to pay for Lancet and perhaps even buy the nifty Brianna model. I’m happy for the first time in three years. Oh, and Lancet said that he is going to teach me to speak like an adult because if he hears the word “nifty” come out of my mouth one more time I’m going to drive him straight into the arms of his robot therapist Em.C. Einstein. Thankyou technology!

    Lyn LeJeune- Rebuilding the Public Libraries of New Orleans, “And All May Not Be Well, And All May Not Be Well, And All Manner of Things May Not Be Well,” channeling Ignatius J. Reilly at http://www.beatitudesinneworleans.blogspot.com.

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  2. James says:

    A bizarre but interesting interview. While I agree that they are an inevitable invention, I can not quite see sexbots as the main stream wave of the future that Levy does. I think someone who owns one will be viewed like we view someone today who admits to owning a blow up doll.
    My prediction: sexbots will become the new cheap hookers. Think about it. A “pimp” could get a loan to buy four or five and charge less than real ladies because he does not need to pay them. And that would bring up some interesting legal questions about whether or not it is illegal prostitution.

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  3. David says:

    Seems like Isaac Asimov already covered that in both a short story and one of his novels.

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  4. John says:

    Autoclaving costs for the robot cathouse gals would kill ya.

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  5. FWPH says:

    We’re not *all* concerned with humanoid robots. Much of the robotics community would prefer that mobile robots were not humanoids. And despite its distinct lack of intelligence, the Roomba is a pretty good answer to how they can be useful in household tasks.

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  6. Nile says:

    Warren Ellis has rewritten Asimov’s three laws of robotics:


    It covers the oh-so-important issue of sexualising robots and I would encourage all would-be robopornographers to read it. And do something else instead.

    I regret to say that the language is somewhat stronger than that permitted by the editorial policies of The Times, so I will not quote the text here.

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  7. misterb says:

    You might be surprised at how many people would rather have a robot that did the housework.

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  8. AaronS says:

    On a Christian forum, the question arose as to whether “sex” with a robot (or in that case, an anatomically-correct doll) was actually adultery/fornication–whether it was sin at all (at least any more than masturbation (which is, less and less, considered a sin in Christian circles, since we finally figured out that every boy going to do it anyway–apparently could not HELP doing it).

    I was surprised by the responses!. The point was made that “sex dolls” were, really, no more than an elaborate “sex toy” And unless we were going to declare that it was sinful for a men and woman to use a sex aids (vibrators, lingerie, lotions, the works), then did we have any right to call a sex doll sinful?

    Eventually, the conclusion was drawn that IF I knew what went on in your bedroom (or you knew what went on in mine), we would both likely think the other was “extreme” if they did anything we didn’t. And so, so long as I don’t know that you are romancing the latest model of some sex doll manufacturer, all is well. But if I ever find out…well, it would be very difficult for you to be my pastor! Ha!

    Which brings us back to why gentlemen and ladies do not discuss what goes on behind closed doors–you’re sure to offend someone’s sensibilities.

    So I imagine that robots of the future will be, um, multi-functional. That way, you can tell everyone that you bought the robot to wash the car, clean the house, take out the garbage, etc. And then, in the privacy of the bedroom, you can press the “sex machine” button, and viola!

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