If I Name My Daughter ‘C.E.O,’ Will She Become One?

A survey by BabyCenter, a popular Web site for expecting mothers, found that 58 percent of parents believe that the name they give their baby will contribute to his or her success in life. Apparently they didn’t read Freakonomics, or at least they didn’t believe it.

So what qualities did these parents want their chosen names to have?

For boys, parents and parents-to-be said it’s most important that a baby’s name convey strength (55 percent), followed by individuality (47 percent). For girls, the qualities most frequently cited were femininity, individuality, and kindness.

No word on whether “Fido” makes the cut in either of these categories.


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  1. Mike says:

    Of course it does, look at the football players today. A lot of them have names that you could only have if you are a football player, i.e. “Rock Cartwright” or “Colt McCoy.”

    Seriously, can you have the name “Colt McCoy” and grow up to be anything *but* starting QB for the University of Texas?

    That’s why I’m naming my first born son “Strongarm McThrowsaccurately.”

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  2. discordian says:

    I’m SO glad my wife didn’t participate on any of those web sites and had the good sense to choose the names Belyle and Rosacea for our two kids.

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  3. Rex Curry says:

    How relevant is the name question when $500 million in school budget cuts with regressive (off spending) tax breaks are on offer.

    Try this one on for size: There is no fat to cut at the school level, the fat is at Tweed, where the ratio with schools is “freakonomic”, shocking (pound per pound) and unacceptable (dollar per dollar).

    New York State’s highest court found New York City’s schools to be severely underfunded. We cannot make right past wrongs unless we stop repeating them. And, yes I want to believe in as well as stay in the public school system.

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  4. Richie Rich says:

    Doesn’t mean a thing
    **sent via Blackberry aboard the SS Ostentatious

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  5. Mani says:

    Which explains why so many actors change their names when they (or in order to) achieve success, natch.

    I wonder what percent of those respondents were first- or second-generation immigrants?

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  6. Carl Spackler says:

    The Numerology people would have to disagree on the method behind determining a persons success. Have y’all ever broken down whether or not a person’s Name Number & Birth Number actually point to success?

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  7. NYC says:

    I remain gob smacked by todays parenting skills, attitudes, and its amazing adaptation. I wonder if Darwin would be rolling his eyes or ROFLAO at what we are developing into as a species.

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