If I Name My Daughter ‘C.E.O,’ Will She Become One?

A survey by BabyCenter, a popular Web site for expecting mothers, found that 58 percent of parents believe that the name they give their baby will contribute to his or her success in life. Apparently they didn’t read Freakonomics, or at least they didn’t believe it.

So what qualities did these parents want their chosen names to have?

For boys, parents and parents-to-be said it’s most important that a baby’s name convey strength (55 percent), followed by individuality (47 percent). For girls, the qualities most frequently cited were femininity, individuality, and kindness.

No word on whether “Fido” makes the cut in either of these categories.


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  1. Eva says:

    I know a Lisa who is a big screw up. I also know a Ray who lives in a grainery and lives off welfare. He has 3 daughters and a wife who works her self to the bone to pay for Ray and his lazy ways.

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  2. Susie says:

    I jump for joy everytime I hear of another Addie-leigh, NOlan or Jxon. It will make my children’s names stand out for their simplicity, and give them an edge in 25 yrs time when their peers have horribly dated names.

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