It Is An Eagle You Want On The Golf Course, Not A Hawk

Professional golfer Tripp Isenhour is learning this subtle distinction the hard way.


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  1. David Damore says:

    Obviously very poor judgment.
    Google News has about 640 links for “Tripp Isenhour”.

    How much play do you think this story will get?

    What will be the fall out?

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  2. says:

    Yes, there are bigger tragedies out there, but this fool needs to be fined.

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  3. G. Sears says:

    While I love this blog, this news item has been out there since yesterday afternoon–and I don’t think this blog is trying to be a news service. Now, a piece on why perfectly normal people sometimes do stupid things (a “Perfectly Irrational” subject, or on the issue of why bystanders didn’t intervene, would be interesting and relevant.

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  4. Van B. says:

    I would like to know if, after killing the bird, the taping of the show continued.

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  5. DocDre says:

    if he doesn’t get fired (or they do to stop pro golfers from being pros)/jailed/lose contracts (“Vicked”) then i’m going to have a problem with this.

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  6. janet says:

    Jail time, a fine would be nothing to him.

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  7. Oliver Townshend says:

    Why is this a Freakonomics post? Am I missing something?

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  8. Lee says:

    To all who are posting using the argument of this man’s wealth and status as pro golfer as reason to define him negatively or to advocate a stronger punishment…

    He has a CAREER total of less than 2 million dollars. His career started in 1990. Since everyone here is soooo smart someone do some division for me.

    And to get one step ahead of you, if you think 100k a year makes you rich then the reason you are not rich is that you are stupid. Pro golfer means he
    is paid to play golf in some capacity. This Pro status does not mean he is Tiger Woods.

    The internet, the wonderful place where you can sit in your underwear and shamelessly slander people on a misinformed assumption.

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