It Is An Eagle You Want On The Golf Course, Not A Hawk

Professional golfer Tripp Isenhour is learning this subtle distinction the hard way.


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  1. SAL says:

    This senseless act appears to have flown right over the head of this lame duck, golf wannabe. The only thing he regrets, is he didn’t nail it from 300 yards and has to explain to his buddies the 75 yards off the girls tee.

    This is exactly the image the PGA Tour is looking for. Lame Duck hits Birdie from 75 yards! You can see it on YouBoob!!

    Let’s hope those with better sense will send a message to this idiot, that his behavior does not reflect integrity in any sport, much less golf.

    If there ever was a time to make an example of, this rises to the top of the list. One can only hope this guy has trouble getting anyone to let him carry their bags, much play their course.

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  2. Denise Pace says:

    Just goes to show you another idiot with more money than brains.

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  3. Matt K. says:

    Gee, Lee, I coulda read this without all of these clothes on?

    Besides, to me 2 mil is a lot. Of the top of my head, I can think of a few things I could do with 2 mil. (You know, go to a good college, have a nice comfortable life without having to worry about finances too much, et cetera.) I mean, more than that would be excellent, but if offered 2 mil, I definitely wouldn’t turn it down.

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  4. Jorgen says:

    While I never think that it’s okay to kill something for fun, I think it’s interesting how we change our reactions based on the situation. This hawk may be protected at all times, but I’m sure there would be uproar if this had been a deer on the course, or even a more common bird. At the same time, we wouldn’t see it as much of a problem if he shot all sorts of animals in a hunting vest. We even consent to having our vice president’s staffers bring hundreds of birds in cages into the forest so that the vice president can release them and shoot them.

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  5. kenneth Hodgson says:

    I wish I could have 5 minutes with a golf club in a locked room with this excuse for a man,he too would have blood coming out of his nostrils.This piece of garbage should be banned from all golf courses for life.

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  6. BurdLuvr says:

    This really is much ado about nothing. People really know how to focus their energies in the least beneficial places of an issue. If you really want to save birds, go after to folks who are responsible for thousands of animal deaths a year, not one.

    We kill millions of birds a year for sport in the U.S. You can go to thousands of hunt clubs, order the number of pheasants, quail, grouses, or whatever you desire, and enter the killing field for a day of sport hunting.

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