"We are supposed to be the best country in the world..."

Not really sure where to begin on this one.
What's important to remember is that the characteristics of America, which Derek would no doubt rejoice in, are largely responsible for the rise in oil prices.
1. A tendency towards imperialism by militarily-powerful nations.
2. A free market which does not fix prices.
3. A hidebound system of lobbyists which have undue influence on legislation.
4. A dead-set refusal to make environmentally-responsible choices.

These are by no means exclusive to America, which is by few metrics the "best" country in the world.


I just assumed oil prices were high in an attempt to drive up the cost of energy. That should reduce energy use, and combat global warming. Let's hear it for $8/gal gas!


It's not just that. It's also the fact that around the year 2000, there was maybe $2 billion or $3 Billion per day being invested in oil as a commodity whereas today, it's something like $250 Billion per day. Global demand hasn't increased by that same amount. This means that for whatever convoluted reason, investors are collectively buying up many months' worth of oil at a time.



The oil trade is controlled by criminal cartels, namely OPEC.

Lets see some justice and fairness returned to middle-class America, the people who have been so exploited.


lol derek. Oil prices are not high because of a massive conspiracy to con you out of a couple dollars. They are high because of the increasing demand in developing countries, increased demand in foreign countries due to a weak dollar, a dwindling oil supply, increased demand due to a cold winter, etc. What would you like the government to do? Tax everyone to pay for your gas? Set price controls so that oil companies can't make money?


I find it hilarious and pathetic at the same time that this county is doing absolutely NOTHING about the gas prices. We are supposed to be the best country in the world and we cant handle oil prices? Something needs to be done but nobody seems to care. Why is this? Why dont the REAL owners of this country care about the cost of transportation? Yes they want more for themselves and less for everybody else. So with that being said I guess they really are getting what they want and we are stupid enough to give it to them. The middle class is dying and will never recover unless a miracle happens. Watch it happen America.