FREAK Shots: Recession Special

Judging from this sign (and its unsettling verbiage), Gray’s Papaya isn’t counting on the tax rebates. So it’s offering its own version of economic relief:

Gray's PapayaPhoto: Jay Jones

A cafe in Venice is doing something similar for subprime victims.

Any other instances of recession discounts?

Addendum: Apparently Gray’s Papaya has been offering their discount for a few years — pessimism or just a popular deal?


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  1. DSY says:

    Gray’s Papaya has been offering its “Recession Special” since at least 1998.

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  2. chrispy says:

    Don’t put too much stock into the Recession special at Gray’s Papaya as a harbinger of economic tidings – they’ve been running that deal for years.

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  3. Molson says:

    And beyond the fact that it has existed for years, they recently raised the price of their “recession special.”

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  4. R. Pointer says:

    Wouldn’t a ‘Recession Special’ do away with price-stickiness? The price level would adjust downwards and all the good stuff that then would follow.

    I guess it depends on the price elasticity of demand for each product.

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  5. Jesse says:

    Gray’s Papaya has been running that special for a long time – unfortunately the base price of their hot dogs/juices have been rising to my dismay :( At the current price there are healthier substitutes for the same price (approximately).

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  6. michael says:

    I saw the “recession special” in 1993.

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  7. Michael Murphy says:

    The Broadway musical Avenue Q has been offering this deal:

    “Kinda broke? Recession special for Q fans:
    Tix as low as $36.50

    What better way to shake off the
    “oh-snap-the-economy-is-tanking” blues
    than affordable tickets to AVENUE Q, Broadway’s
    super-funny Tony?-winning musical about real life?!”

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  8. dk says:

    you don’t put up a neon sign for period. that is a commitment to a sale. a $1 sale.

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