FREAK Shots: Recession Special

Judging from this sign (and its unsettling verbiage), Gray’s Papaya isn’t counting on the tax rebates. So it’s offering its own version of economic relief:

Gray's PapayaPhoto: Jay Jones

A cafe in Venice is doing something similar for subprime victims.

Any other instances of recession discounts?

Addendum: Apparently Gray’s Papaya has been offering their discount for a few years — pessimism or just a popular deal?


um....the cafe is in Venice, not France....

Sorry for being anal retentive...


you don't put up a neon sign for period. that is a commitment to a sale. a $1 sale.

R. Pointer

Wouldn't a 'Recession Special' do away with price-stickiness? The price level would adjust downwards and all the good stuff that then would follow.

I guess it depends on the price elasticity of demand for each product.

Michael Murphy

The Broadway musical Avenue Q has been offering this deal:

"Kinda broke? Recession special for Q fans:
Tix as low as $36.50

What better way to shake off the
"oh-snap-the-economy-is-tanking" blues
than affordable tickets to AVENUE Q, Broadway's
super-funny Tony?-winning musical about real life?!"


Gray's Papaya has been running that special for a long time - unfortunately the base price of their hot dogs/juices have been rising to my dismay :( At the current price there are healthier substitutes for the same price (approximately).


And beyond the fact that it has existed for years, they recently raised the price of their "recession special."


Don't put too much stock into the Recession special at Gray's Papaya as a harbinger of economic tidings - they've been running that deal for years.


Gray's Papaya has been offering its "Recession Special" since at least 1998.


I saw the "recession special" in 1993.


A strip club in downtown Atlanta was offering a recession special- free breakfast. But I think too many people must have taken advantage of it because the last time I passed the sign it said, "No breakfast. No purses. Live entertainment." I didn't really understand the new sign.

Jens Fiederer

I believe they have been trying to entice Krugman to eat there for ages.


Yeah, that recession special has been around since George Senior was President!

And their hot dogs USED TO BE 50 cents, they're so expensive now I no longer even consider them anymore. You used to get this special like like $2.50 - two ho dogs and a drink. Those were the days -


Gray's Papaya has alway been a great place for me to stop when working in Manhattan ! The Hot dogs are great and the drinks are great also ! Wish they had a location out
west so I could enjoy the products ! Please keep up the great work and every time I go to N.Y.C. I make it a point to
stop and have a few !


Gray's Papaya I heard on cable that you might franchising
you stores, please drop me an e-mail if you are !