arlene rutstein

Isn't it to be expected, that after a major national tragedy as we experienced 9/11, we make efforts to protect ourselves against a reoccurrence? But then with the passage of time we become less watchful and more complacent.

Except, of course, with the constant replaying of the 'orange alert' at airports - now so common we are no longer 'alert'.

Did anyone seriously believe that there would be armed air marshals on all those thousands of domestic flights?

And don't we want to believe that going through the indignities of security, barefoot and patted down - with our belongings so carefully inspected, we're now safe?


Is it common for CNN to draw conclusions from an "investigation" based on the gut feelings of people who couldn't possibly know whether what they're asserting is true or not?


Rolls Royce note:

The Rolls Royce cited in the link up above is Rolls Royce PLC - a British aircraft engine maker.

It is now a completely separate company from the Rolls Royce that manufactures super-prestige automobiles, and is a subsidiary of German automaker BMW.

I know that the very-rich are getting richer. But they aren't buying $60 billion a year worth of Rolls Royce cars.