More On Your Worst E-Mistakes

In case you didn’t get your fill from our previous post, the e-mail guide Send — by The Times‘s OpEd editor, David Shipley, and former Hyperion Books editor-in-chief, Will Schwalbe — has a lot to say about e-mail mistakes.

If you just made your own e-flub, visit their Web site, — a collection of the worst e-mail mistakes. You’ll likely find one more embarrassing than yours.


And this is why you create an Outlook rule to delay the sending of all e-mails. (walkthrough on how to do that:

Delay it by 15 minutes if necessary and you can cool-off, or fix that mistake you spotted just as you hit "send".

Jon Peltier

Another email faux pas: forgetting to attach your attachment. I followed this technique, and have not forgotten an attachment in months:

"Did You Forget Something, Again?" by David Horowitz


Guys, going back to the trough like this is diluting the Freakonomics brand.


what a timing...yesterday I made the first reply to all mistake of my career (which is yet to reach its 2nd anniversary); thankfully the stuff that i sent was safe and the worst I will be hit will be some remarks from colleagues.


If we think we can revolutionize in a day, we are wrong. In my opinion, if we are to change someting so big we need to rent some flix on the 60's. No gas for a day seams a bit unrealistic, this hold up would have to persist for at least a week to be taken seriuosly. We can't sit on our rumps after work at the front lines of our telly and expect to change the world in a day>

Robyn Ann

How about a second?


This is in today's L.A. Times. Apparently the Finance Chairman of Countrywide isn't immune from email gaffes either.,0,3064002.story


Mine was 10 years ago, before we were as "e" as we are today....a colleague sent me an email that was really whiny and complaining, mostly about me (justified, I was way behind in my projects) but also about the company in general, she was definitely having a bad day. I printed it off, because I wanted to follow up on something, right after I printed off a document I was sending to the 500 top managers in our company. It was sent as the last page of that document. I'm not sure which of us was more embarassed.