Aaron B

Dan G. steals haikus

Threadless is his source unnamed

Plagiarism lives

Prof Z

Three giant assets

made love in a spider's web -

Government bugs out!

Ed Haines

Suze Orman's Haiku response and her discussions of how to achieve financial "security" plus my recollection of debt management by a radio finance talk host led me to write this Haiku:

Buy a car, paid in one year,

Buy a house, paid in ten rears,


Prof Z

Limericks are crunk,

poets have thunk, but the cost

is a lost haiku.

But if you're like me and appreciate Simon's limerick, have a look some time at Kingley Amis's English Light Verse (Oxford, 1978). Economic themes are pervasive but with a difference: limericks tend to be naughty!

Dan Callahan

Haikus leading to

Fabulous teaching awards?

Now I know the trick!

Dan G

I enjoy haikus

But sometimes they don't make sense



I love this picture.


When will economic limericks get their rightful place?


Apologies for the doggerel, but on the appeal for limericks, here goes...

A bright guy called Milton once said,

‘I see a big flaw with the Fed’

So he looked at the data

An historical matter,

And soon after Keynes' theory was dead.

Two Steves wrote a book: Freakonomics

That John DiNardo thought comic

But alas for poor John

The Steves were not wrong

The book was in fact quite iconic.

Couldn't help myself. Apologies again.