Jennifer Hudson's Family Tragedy

Not that far from where I live, Jennifer Hudson‘s mother and brother were murdered this weekend.

My deepest sympathies go out to the Hudson family.

Jennifer Hudson is a local girl who made it big against all odds. Last month I was talking to a photographer who had just done a photo shoot with her, and he said she is one of the nicest celebrities he had ever worked with. He was amazed at how kind and down to earth she is.

The suspect in the case is William Balfour, her brother-in-law. Also mentioned on CNN in an early article on the murder is the fact that William Balfour has a sister named Sensuous. Is that a bad-news name or what?

She would have made the Freakonomics name chapter if we had known about her. (Interestingly, the CNN article no longer mentions Sensuous, although if you go to Google News and type “Jennifer Hudson, sensuous” you will see a link to the original story that no longer contains her name.)

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  1. carter skemp says:

    i find that writing about your opinion of a name in connection with a tragedy such as this deplorable. just because you write in an economic vein does not release you from being respectful.

    doing a quick google search reveals far more people that have caused tremendous harm and ‘bad news’ who are named Steve than Sensuous.

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  2. Jake says:


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  3. Bruce G says:

    One hopes that Sensuous changed her name as an adult and was not named that by her parents.

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  4. Matthew says:

    Is the explanation as simple as the fact that the accused is only 15?

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  5. Moe says:

    Sensuous Balfour has a Facebook page, and looks about 15, so she must be the one to which you are referring.

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  6. April says:

    Hang in there Jennifer. Please don’t let this horrible Tragic stop your dreams. When you are trying to become the best, there will always be “Others” trying to discourage you out of hate, jealousy, and tragic. Remember After Pain, there is HEALING! Hang in there~From a concerned Fan and Mother of two~ April (Milwaukee, WI)

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  7. DS says:

    You need to check the profiles on MySpace for William Balfour and see the comments! I’ve spent the day looking at his and Julia Balfour’s profiles and I see friends and relatives commenting about him killing Julian King.

    Follow the comments made to them by friends and relatives in their photo galleries. When you open up those profiles from the commenters, you can plainly see their state of mind (currently) and see that they seem to know that William did this. I think it makes it pretty clear that William killed them all.

    So Sad.

    Deborah Shaffer

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  8. mal says:

    J.Hud be strong and dont let this tragedy stop you from continuing to be a success…i love you and im prayin for you and your family….

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