Palin "Going Rogue"

When I read the headline that Sarah Palin was “going rogue,” I thought the quote was meant in admiration.

It turns out the story is wholly negative, and “going rogue” is a bad thing.

That is not what my sister Linda told me when she gave me the moniker the “rogue economist.” She told me being a rogue is a good thing, and I believed her; just like when I was five and she convinced me that, since a penny is bigger in size than a dime, it is worth more. I happily traded all my dimes for all her pennies, cutting my net worth at the time roughly in half.

Even if being a rogue economist isn’t much, I suppose it is still better than being a rouge economist.


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  1. Rob says:

    Is “going rogue” anything like “being a maverick”?

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  2. a rogue Obama voter says:

    Rogue is not so good when you’re part of a team and your job is to help your boss land a big job. I realize she has screwed McCain when my mother, who does not particularly care for Obama, says she can’t now vote for McCain solely because of Palin.

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  3. Jon Peltier says:

    I first saw the “going rogue” phrase on a discussion group, and it was misspelled “going rouge”. This led to lots of clever quips, like my favorite, “Does the lipstick go on before or after the rouge?”

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  4. Jessica Margolin says:

    I did the same trick when my younger brother was in kindergarten, but failed at ruthlessness: four pennies for every nickel.

    As for “rogue,” see John Haidt’s video on the moral mind:

    I would speculate that it’s an in-group loyalty thing. Conservatives care and disdain her. Liberals think it’s more important to behave independently and admire you. Moderates, like Malcom, are in the middle.

    I blogged a mashup of Financial Crisis and Moral Mind thoughts at my blog,

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  5. AaronS says:

    A “rouge economist”? Talk about a “hidden side.” Is there something you aren’t telling us, Steven? Ha!

    Love ya, bro!

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  6. Ben says:

    My mom’s a very conservative Catholic and even she thinks Palin would make an awful VP/President

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  7. DJH says:

    “Rogue” is a word which, curiously, can go both ways. It can have a negative connotation (e.g. “a rogue agent” in a gov’t agency), or a positive one (e.g. “he’s a loveable rogue”). It really depends on the context.

    The chance, however much it may be, of “rogue” being interpreted negatively made me wonder why a car company came out with a model called “Rogue.” Even if (say) 90% of people take the name in a positive way, why would auto marketers use a term that might immediately turn off 10% of potential buyers?

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  8. cirby says:

    “Going rogue,” in this case, seems to be “she didn’t repeat everything I told her verbatim, so I’m miffed. Give me another margarita.”

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