Batman, Hurt by Slumping Oil Prices, Lashes Out

The mayor of the oil-producing town of Batman,Turkey, says he’ll sue Warner Bros. for taking the name of his town for its caped crusader without permission.

He hopes to win a cut of the royalties from this year’s Christopher Nolan hit, The Dark Knight.

Even if the case never goes to trial, the free publicity could win Batman a tourism windfall.

After all, sharing a name with a global celebrity has done wonders for Obama, Japan.


How does the town of Joker, Greece feel?

Raj Pandravada

Obama? Global celebrity? Do these vicious character smears need to spill over into the off-season?

BTW, Paris Hilton must be going: "...I share my name with sooo many fancy buildings!"

Mauricio Pastrana

(taken from digg)

"Next thing you know, France will sue Paris Hilton and sub shops all over the world will sue the show "Heroes.""


Scott B

You guys really know how to title an article. Can someone please draw a picture of a turkey dressed as batman begging for money on the sidewalk of warner bros studios? Thanks.

Fred T.

"Even if the case never goes to trial, the free publicity could win Batman a tourism windfall."

Not likely. Contrary to the popular phrase, there IS such a thing as bad publicity. I, for one, would never visit a town moronic enough to elect a mayor who is moronic enough to sue over the name of a comic book hero.

Who knows what other moronic things they're doing in that town?


C'mon... This guy can't be serious. If he didn't sue after the first 5 movies, he should be allowed to sue now that batman is cool again!


Obama is certainly a celebrity. It's no "vicious character smear" to acknowledge that, unless the suggestion that he is *only* a celebrity.


#7, #2 was joking.

Congrats on taking the internets too literally.

Bobby G


I think there's a better joke if you use the Paris Hilton analogy....


Dave Chappelle made a joke about how famous the president is (this was during the Clinton years). "You must be really famous if some one can ... and then their famous"

All jokes aside, he's got a point :)

Evan W

Interestingly the city of Melbourne, Australia was settled by a gentleman named John Batman and was, for a time, referred to as Batmania!

Bobby G

@ Jason,

How about DC comics, since they're the ones who own the rights to the name, let alone the first 5 movies.

Andy W

I have been near Batman (pronounced bot-mon) and no one would want to visit there, I promise!


I wonder if Paris Hilton is going to sue the hotel company for stealing her name ^^


According to, the city was named Batman in 1957. It was previously known as Iluh.

Batman is a Turkish word meaning shipwreck or ruin.

The Batman character debuted in the 1930s, well before the town received its current name.

Apparently the Turks are trying to pull a SCO on DC Comics.

Kris Rhodes

They're trying to SCO DC comics?


Is there some way to short sell a town?


They are her own hotels, genius.


#17, I see #14's irony is entirely lost on you.

Surely Paris, son of Priam precedes Paris, France?

Ms Hilton would have to be named after the former, as the etymology of the French capital is Parisii tribe <- Celtic 'parisio' = "the working people". That connection with the heiress is quite dubious...

Basil Dimitropoulos

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