What's in a Name? Four Thousand and Fifty Dollars

It may be a gag, but from the looks of this eBay page, someone just sold the naming rights for her unborn baby — and two pairs of Nike Air baby booties — for $4,050.

She doesn’t care what name the buyer chooses, but hopes it’s not one that will get her child’s “butt kicked.”

The seller writes she did it because after having three kids, “the novelty of ‘naming the baby’ has worn off.”

But she adds another reason:

I have a huge pile of unpaid bills (mostly) medical expenses from this pregnancy, [and] I don’t have maternity coverage … If I have to stop working before the day I go into labor, then I’m probably gonna lose my house and my car. So what’s a girl to do?

Did the buyer see an opportunity for creative charitable giving, or is there some other hidden benefit to naming a child that’s worth paying $4,050 for?

According to the seller, the chosen name — and maybe a motive — will be revealed on her blog shortly.

(Hat tip: Hulya Eraslan)

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  1. sociologist says:

    this is toooooo funny– ok- no certain name calling yet-
    aside from RSRSs– most recent–

    The `Benefits’ of the Doubt

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  2. sociologist says:

    possible correction- take out the The

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  3. sarahCMS says:

    I think no one should judge here, since we do not know the situation in which this mother is going through. As long as she keeps her dignity, this is alright; it is not like she’s stealing a bank. And since money doesn’t grow out of trees, or falls from heaven, she probably thought this was the quickest and safest way to get money. Answering VidalCms, mistakes happen, her current problem is not the baby, since the baby already exists, she must find a solution, her problem is the money. And apparently she found part of the solution. In the future if it is possible, the baby may change its name if he does not like it. About whoever gave the money, probably that means there still exist good people in this world, thankfully.

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  4. PedroCMS says:

    Hahahaha. That is just genius. That makes me want to hire employees to have babies and sell all the naming rights. I see so many opportunities in the “baby naming” market. The possibilities are endless. I can already picture it:


    “We have the babies, you name it!”

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  5. ShUn-CmS says:

    Today I had lunch with some of my old-buddies, and one of them mentioned the naming process of a Native American. That is, according to their tradition, the first thing a newly borne child sees will be his/her name – ie: Sittingbull for example. We were saying how unfortunate it would be if the baby saw a mating process of two animals, for instance. I know that they follow their traditions very strictly according to beliefs etc. so they have no choice. However, in the case of this young lady, what stupid thing to do: sell her baby’s name?? as JAngel mentioned, a rational action is to sell to whatever one got to survive, she could of sold her OWN name if that’s the case, as Marcos said. I feel terribly sorry for the child to have such a mother. (I agree with Marcos – why did she have a baby in the first place?.

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  6. artreality says:

    Maybe the reason she’s having her 4th baby is because for 8 years, George(the Inept), and his “Faith based” (ie;anti-abortion) coalition, prevented women like her from getting the information, or access to the information about birth control, and instead forced/taught abstinence as a real alternative..(are you listenin, Bristol????)

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  7. artreality says:

    May I suggest “4150”? It will be a great conversation opener, and the baby’s friends can use the nickname “41”

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  8. griff says:

    This couldn’t happen in the UK, as due to our quaint tradition ‘the National Health Service’ no one pays anything at all in medical bills for having a baby..

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