Treasury Hero


The details are tedious and inscrutable. There’s often no obvious link between cause and effect. It will drag on probably twice as long as you want it to.

These are just a few of the ways The Bailout Game mirrors our dreary market slowdown.

In the game, you impersonate the Secretary of the Treasury, driving a dump truck down Wall Street and shoveling bailout cash to deserving banks. Only some banks don’t deserve a bailout, apparently, and you must determine which is which. The clever video scenes spice up The Bailout Game, which is a kind of Guitar Hero for armchair central bankers.

It’s a good way to kill time before the recession ends, or at least until the release of Bassoon Hero III.


I didn't like it... Only killed about 4-5 minutes of my time before I got bored out of it.


I didn't like how bailing out AIG was apparently the right thing to do, according to them. :)

david jay

Me too, Matt! I guess we're supposed to let those criminals go free to benefit the rest of the chain. I don't agree with that.


The game kept lowering my score when I let the useless corrupt banks die. If they are going to do this, they should show AIG and Lehman execs begging for change on the Subway and at least give me a personal satisfaction bonus.

All in all, this game is beyond useless, I finished with 700 Billion in unspent bailout money which I planned on using to lower taxes, if only that had been an option.

Vikram Hegde

Tried out several options. The online game addict Vikram and the reasonable man Vikram were at odds at several crucial junctions.

A walkthrough of the bailout game can be found at

La Manager

ok I get the picture- the point is -the online picture should never be confused with the bail-out of it-- why? there are two opposite sides to it- both need to be monitored if the situation is to adjust itself in an orderly way. Thus, neither is an ultimately free lunch. Those guys on wall street who think that they have been given a free lunch to use whimsically better learn this quick or we won't be just in in a downword spiral-- but a permanent depression- you cannot spend more than you have- and if you do you are dumb- learned this the hard way-

Ward 4

Dear DB;

The point, once more, is that there is rp knowledge and the use to which it is put. There are degrees, there is no ulimately free lunch- that was my real point and still is-- So it is not about religion, politics or class differences and there is no ulimately right way to solve this countries economic problems- but if i were a betting man-- i'd monitor the statistical side and the experiential sides of the national, international and global market environoments and look at the interaction effects simultaneously (if this is possible)-- for the purpose of resolving this difficult problem guarantees of success, but at least with a real sense of limits.

With all due respect-- as I have no axe to grind-- trying to dig out from all the garbage collected over the years, in a roundabout way (as a sanitation means) is a mammouth task and one that I will do "my way"--as it is a problem that no computer mail junkie (just kidding) can resolve/ Or if you can (do let me know), but since I have no time to learn any new program- it will probably be too late for me to make use of it. As indicated long ago by a friend, we women prefer traditional approaches. This is enough work for me to finish on time as predicted



I found a good strategy was to simply do the opposite of everything that happened in real life, but even better was to just say Yes every time.