Security Blanket — With Sleeves!

The marketing hook for the suddenly-everywhere Snuggie is that its form-fitting coziness helps you keep down your home-heating bills. (O.K., that’s only one hook: the ads also claim that ordinary blankets are too cumbersome and may, tragically, entrap your hands.)

There are a host of other blankets-with-sleeves (a.k.a. “robes”) on the market, from the “original” Freedom Blanket to the socially conscious but awkwardly named Slanket. One upscale version, the Nuddle, even includes a pocket in front for your hands and another at the bottom for your feet (the Nuddle is so upscale that it doesn’t have sleeves, it has slats).

Niche-marketed blankets didn’t catch on last winter, when home heating costs skyrocketed with rising fuel prices.

So why now?

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  1. Ian says:

    How did the Apollo astronauts get to the moon without these?

    I don’t think even Ron Popeil would use one of these.

    With the housing bubble burst we could buy a trailer to wear our snuggies in for the same price.

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  2. anonymous says:

    Because people are sitting home unemployed watching commercials.

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  3. anonymous says:

    A fool and his/her money are soon parted.

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  4. The Weakonomist says:

    Because this year we have more people out of work sitting at home watching TV. The idea of saving money now is a means of survival. It’s purchasers will see it as a way to save big money.

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  5. joe says:

    has anyone seen the youtube spoof of the snuggies commercial? ridiculously hilarious.

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  6. M.B. says:

    I didn’t see any evidence presented to show that they caught on this winter either. Just wear a jacket! How about those free heaters built by the Amish that use very little electricity? And watch out for Sham Wow imitators.

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  7. J says:

    Never underestimate the power of a good name.

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  8. Aaron says:

    Perhaps it take about 1 year to develop, patent and start to market a product aimed at solving a problem such as skyrocketing home heating costs?

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