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| In the 1930’s, Franklin Roosevelt started his day by reading half a dozen newspapers in bed. Today, you can read the printed front pages of more than a dozen major newspapers from around the world side by side right here on your browser, thanks to a feed from the Newseum, arranged by the design company Rayogram. [%comments]


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  1. NSK says:

    But, how do you read each article? And, it seems useful only to see what’s on the front page.

    I prefer Google News. Its a much better aggregation of news articles from around the world (Yahoo News is good, but articles are constrained to a few US centric news agencies).

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  2. Ray says:

    This touches on an idea I had some time ago. Is there an existing service that provides audio content of daily newspapers the morning of publication? For instance, I don’t wake up early enough to read through the NY Times or the WSJ before work, but I do have at least a half hour drive to the office. I’d love to be able to subscribe to a service that will read a few articles of interest during my commute to give me a head start on the day. Does anyone know of a service like this? If not, I suppose I can get to work creating it, but I’d have to get up early for that too.

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  3. Matthew says:

    @2 allows for the subscription of selected daily stories from the NYT or WSJ. I get one free with my Audible yearly subscription, but they will sell it to you.

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  4. Adam says:


    I listen to NPR on my commute. It’s all news during that hour.

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  5. Don says:


    Would a HUD for your car be too intrusive?

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  6. RR says:

    Better still: RSS feeds. I read the NY Times, WSJ, and FT every morning in Google Reader.

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  7. Olivia says:

    I also use Google Reader – in fact, Freakonomics is one of my subscriptions. It’s an excellent tool.

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  8. kerissa says:

    This is way cooler than an RSS feed! You can at least see the headlines and the photos that go with them. These are the images that make it into documentaries and you can see them all.

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