I'm thinking "Hells Bells" as the background music


wow, that is amazingly funny! and freak-tastic...

C. Larity

A more appropriate picture for last week's stock market would be a picture of a feline corpse bouncing off a trampoline.


It's looks great ............but I guess that it will be better if we engrave some more names along with that viz. Nikki,Nasdaq,Sensex,Hanseng ........:)

David Chowes, New York City

I suspect that the 'middle finger' would be more appropriate!


The satrical joke here is that this hand-gesture in the photograph is considered a symbolic one, allegedly used by the global elite - like a Masonic handshake.

Conspiracy theorists on exotic YouTube enjoy putting together video montages of powerful world figures using this 'horned god' signal.

The hand-sgn is meant to indicate membership of a sinister long-term global enterprise whose mission is total domination of all nations through financial control; 'by whatever means neccessary'.

We see a decomposing horror movie hand, arising out of its fresh grave, with its rotting corpse to follow, animated by supernatural evil and returning as an undead Wall Street zombie.


To continue a programmed destiny, namely that of unilaterally fleecing the vast herds of sheeple, annexed in the international enclosures of an increasingly supervised humanity domesticus.

Head for the hills..