The Hidden Side of Rail Travel

| North Korea launched a threatening-looking rocket over the weekend. It crashed harmlessly into the sea. Wonder what North Korea actually looks like on the ground these days? Two Austrians recently entered the country by train, through a border crossing that has been closed to tourists since 1994, and took these rare and fascinating photos of life in the Hermit Kingdom. (HT: MetaFilter) [%comments]

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  1. blinky says:

    There’s a good documentary on North Korea here:

    With a lot of video footage of the locations shown in the above photos.

    Seems they were on the similar tourist trail.

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  2. Matt says:

    If you like those, check out Paul Koontz’s TED lecture on his vacation in South Korea:

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  3. whakojacko says:

    the craziest part is that they took trains all the way from austria(!!)

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  4. Nuclear Mom says:

    Great travelogue, thanks for the link.

    How eerie all those empty streets are.

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  5. Steve says:

    Scary to me is how many kids were in the background doing that tourist show daily albeit for a few weeks! Doesn’t seem productive.

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