Is Legal Same-Sex Marriage Inevitable?

| Polling guru Nate Silver has built a regression model, based on demographic and political trends, to forecast when a majority of the voting public in each of the 50 states might vote against a gay-marriage ban, or vote to repeal an existing one. His findings: by 2016, most states will have legalized gay marriage, with Mississippi alone holding on until 2024. His analysis is loaded with caveats but, in light of the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling against the state’s gay-marriage ban, raises an interesting question: is legal same-sex marriage inevitable? [%comments]

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  1. Sean S. says:

    I agree with #24… you guys need to do a Freakonomic study comparing the suicide rates of children with pro-Prop 8 parents versus those with anti-Prop 8 parents. What an enlightening and relevent study that would be!

    Granted, you’d have to wait a few years before you could gather sufficient data, but once this happens, it would be very easy to excecute.

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  2. sfdg says:

    BTW DNA doesn’t change a person’s sex id, eventhough someone may have gone through a sex change op. I could just see a CSI episode right now where they find a dead tranny and they do a DNA test and find out it was actually a man or find a man and do a DNA test and find out it was actually a female!

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  3. C. Burns says:

    I don’t “Agree” with the notion of two people of the same gender having involvement Period. With that being said, I understand that they are going to push and push to get their agenda heard.

    My argument is that marriage even in a generic format is the joining, matching or blending of two complimenting components. Testosterone does not compliment testosterone but is complimented by estrogen. B/c it is a dichotomy in principle to suggest that a homosexual union can be marriage I contend that it should not be allowed as it is to suggest a new definition and principle for what marriage is.

    The laws of the land will not save their soul only faith in GOD through the redemptive work of CHRIST can do that; therefore I understand that just as alcohol, cigarettes, strip clubs and adult movies are a part of our society there will be other things that are written into law that will challenge the Body of CHRIST. But just as I don’t agree with those other things, as they are sinful elements, I don’t agree with Civil Unions. I just think that at this point homosexuals are more serious about spreading their agenda than us so-called people of faith in Christ therefore something in their favor is inevitable-I just don’t believe it should be called marriage.

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