Vortex Voyeurism

| Next month, a small army of meteorologists armed with 40 sensor-loaded vehicles and a flying drone will stalk America’s southern plains, trying to get an unprecedentedly detailed look at tornadoes as they form. The project, the largest and most ambitious of its kind, aims to unravel some mysteries of how these giant storms are born. Once we understand that, can tornado power plants be too far behind? [%comments]


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  1. Bobby G says:

    Yeah, Twister was an alright movie.

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  2. Eric M. Jones says:

    Some time ago an enterprising company captured volcanic lava to made bricks. It woked well. There have been plans to extract energy from all kinds of natural things…lightning for example. Both of these plans are missing a crucial element….the ability to recover original investment with continuing operation.

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  3. econobiker says:

    Fast moving masses of disimilar temperature air laden with water over dissimilar temperature ground generates tornados.

    I would think the metorologists are after prediciton versus energy generation ideas.

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