India to Rupee: What's Your Sign?

Hoping to grab a place alongside the U.S. dollar, the British pound, the Japanese yen, and the euro, India is looking to design a symbol to represent its currency, the rupee. Any suggestions? [%comments]

Witty Nickname

'R' with two lines through it.


I think we should use the symbol for the Artist Formerly Known as Prince



Like anyone thought long and hard about any of those currency signs. All of them are just letters with lines through them, which is a standard notation for "This letter denotes a currency"

Caliban Darklock

A reversed R, easily cribbed from any font that supports Cyrillic characters.


The Legend of Zelda games have a design that's been around for decades. Why not go with that?

Paul Clapham

They would be well advised to get the Unicode consortium to assign a code point to their new symbol, whatever form it eventually takes.

Without doing that, you wouldn't really be able to use the symbol in any computer-produced document. Which would mean it would be essentially useless, or just for vanity.

Not to mention that the makers of computer fonts would have to produce new versions of their products containing the new symbol. Expect this process to take several years.

Steven F.

The greek letter rho.


Might I suggest:

or anything similar such as a hexagon with a line through it.



Ah, so they did think long and hard about the euro, only to come up with a lower case e with a line through it. Mighty!

You know, in the world of the typewriter I'd say just use R backspace - or | or /, but you can't do that easily on a computer. No, you have to make a whole new thing that requires loading a whole new font. Geez, just go with INR or something, that's already a standard notation. Print it in gold or silver on your money, maybe it will catch on. ( you know, like AIG )


Given its name, the most appropriate sign would be a hexagon, stretched upon an axis between two opposite vertices, with that axis vertical. Bonus points if they make it flash.


I think an underlined cursive R would be best in terms of logistics. It's easy to write and there would no need for computers to create new symbols.


I will have to agree with the orange hexagon squad. It would be the most easily recognize foreign country symbol to date.


I glad I'm not the only one who thought of Zelda as a quickfix, A hexagonal crystal has to be the easy way to go.

Rob S.

In "The Legend of Zelda", Rupees were denoted by different colored crystals, then an 'x'. Seemed intuitive to me!

Leland Witter

There already is a Unicode number for the Rupee - 20A8, although I think it is just an Rp ligature.

Pankaj Davessar

I think the wheel located on the Indian flag would do the trick.

Rajeev Kulkarni

there is always the Devanagri/sanskrit symbol for rupee. Its already printed on the rupee notes. no matter what symbol is used it will cause issues with unicode.

John B.

They should use "R", written in blackboard bold: . It has the additional benefit of allowing confusion between it and the real numbers.


An I with two horizontal lines through it. . . like a yen but an I for India


Do they really need a symbol? They've done just fine using "RS." all these years. How many man-hours, and not to mention Rupees, will this cost? I'd like to think the Indian government has more pressing concerns like oh, I dunno, poverty?