Truth in Advertising


By jingo, what a boom it was! So much so that I just noticed a local Philly contractor, perhaps more honest than most, who named his business “Bubble Builders.” In a sign of the times, I haven’t seen a single customer enter over the past few months.

With the housing bubble now truly behind us, you might imagine that Bubble Builders either needs a new name or a new line of business. What would you recommend?

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  1. DaveyNC says:

    Surviving Builders

    The Builder Left Standing

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  2. Gary says:

    Bubble repo.

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  3. David says:

    Unless they are the manufacturers of those lovable bubbles – featured in a great episode of Seinfeld – I would concur.

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  4. wb says:

    It is obvious:

    Bust Builders

    but a bit of double entendre there

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  5. James Roche says:

    “Recession Renovations”, to take advantage of the “stay-cation” crowd who are adding a 2nd bathroom rather than moving to the hills.

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  6. ukdan says:

    dunno if this translates into american english but how ’bout
    Botchit & Scarpa?

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  7. AaronS says:

    Why in the world would ANYONE pay someone to construct them a bubble? That just seems ludicrous.

    I mean, my 5-year-old son could be a millionaire by the age of 7 if you get paid to do this stuff.

    Is bubble construction even a science?

    OK, enough…how about POOF Construction?

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  8. Louis says:

    “It Will Come Back Builders”

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