Surprising Facts About Child Soldiers

The problem of children used as soldiers has been gaining visibility since, among other things, former child soldier Ishmael Beah published his memoir. But the image of the child soldier as a young African boy with an assault rifle slung over his shoulder isn’t as descriptive of the problem as you might think. Many child soldiers are girls; many of them never pick up a gun; and they are most often deployed in conflicts outside Africa. Scott Gates and Simon Reich have more. [%comments]


Indeed. And if The Wire is anywhere near accurate, there are child soldiers even in Baltimore.


If the definition of child soldier includes messengers... I have heard of Palestinian fighters using children as messengers... Is the IDF sometimes fighting child soldiers?


If you haven't read Ishmael Beah's book yet, you absolutely have to get it. I could not put it down. It opened my eyes to so much, I could have never imagined that anything like that was going on when I was 12.


I agree with Christina 100%. Im a senior in high school and already i have read that book 3 times, each time getting something new out of it, and each time I have cried. I never had imagined anything in the world was that bad until i read that book shortly after watching Hotel Rwanda. His story is truly amazing and I recommend that book for anyone who is willing to open their hearts up to it. And things like this aren't just happening in Africa, were these types of things are happening all over the middle-east. It's really sad and very hard to comprehend, for anyone.


my class read it and it was amazing. so vivid and it felt like u were actually there