Forget Your Troubles, C’mon, Get Happy

Latvia has been particularly devastated by the economic crisis. The Latvian Blondes Association recently staged a “Blonde Weekend,” complete with a 500-woman parade, in the hopes of raising the nation’s spirits. One participant said she “hopes that those of her countrymen who are depressed about the economic crisis will find her ‘positive energy’ contagious.” (HT: FP Passport) [%comments]

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  1. Eric M. Jones says:

    In economics, real value is generated by moving a product from one place to another. For example, mahogany has greater value if you move it from the jungle to where the wood can be turned into products.

    Likewise, I found that selling 1830’s silver-albumin prints of the Ohio canal worth substantially more in Ohio, and very little anyplace else.

    So I have a suggestion for those 500 Lithuanian blondes….

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  2. not a blonde says:

    I suggest Eric M. Jones get a pair of new reading glasses

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