Want a Glock With That Hummer?

We’ve posted before about odd pairs of goods that are sold as complements; some make more sense than others. Jim Lynch, who owns a Hummer dealership in Chesterfield, Missouri, has begun selling guns and ammo alongside the vehicles. As the Auto Blog reports, Lynch feels that Hummers and guns are “a natural fit” because “our customers enjoy outdoor sports.” Here’s hoping the firearms don’t show up in any traffic ticket disputes. (HT: Subir Shrestha) [%comments]


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  1. jessicamny says:

    They also apparently enjoy destruction.

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  2. Michael Edmonds says:

    My favorite odd pairing is far more pervasive. It is the customer who orders a diet soft drink with that double cheeseburger with bacon and extra mayonnaise. Oh yes, don’t forget the fries!

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  3. Neil (SM) says:

    No, the diet soda thing isn’t that odd really. I eat those kind of unhealthy fast foods on occasion (usually don’t make it a regular occurrence) but never drink any non-diet soda anymore. So what?

    Changing topics, I’m a bit wary of that study about Hummers and traffic tickets.

    According to the article, “The study, by Quality Planning Corp., says the next-highest ticket attractor is the Honda Scion, which is favored by still-immortal thirtysomethings with a self-image of swashbuckling recklessness.”

    Really? WTF is a Honda Scion?

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  4. aubrey says:

    Can you bring up ONE example of a legal gun being used in a “traffic dispute”?

    The whole wild west traffic shooting idea has been around forever, and as far as I know it has never happened.

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  5. Jota Efe says:


    the original study (http://www.qualityplanning.com/) lists three Scion models (tC, xB and xA) in the top ten. The “Honda Scion” is an error introduced in the article that quotes the study.

    But on the other hand, I don’t think the Subaru Outback belongs on that list either!

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  6. Jonathon K. says:

    Odd pairing I’ve seen: when I was in Amsterdam last summer I saw a Sex Toy / Bicycle Rental store….

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  7. Holme says:

    Gun and Humvee is the perfect match for any man.

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  8. jimi says:

    Throw in some BBQ sauce and I’ll buy today!

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