A Predictably Irrational Fashion Week

Dressed in a red silk robe, Dan Ariely commemorates New York’s fashion week by trying on designer sunglasses while answering the eternal question: Does wearing Prada knockoffs make you evil? [%comments]

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  1. Jessie says:

    This is hilarious. I have knockoff sunglasses and I tend to lie about things, so maybe this argument makes sense. I like the silk robe.

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  2. Kevin H says:

    Interesting stuff. I’d like to see one additional control however. He should give the people with the fake glasses the cash difference between the fake and real glasses. That would ensure that the difference between how rapidly people ‘cheat’ has to do with internal perceptions rather than some form of social reciprocation where they think the more they have gotten from the experimenter, the more effort they owe them in the mind numbing task.

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  3. Shrikant says:

    The [d]evil wears [fake] Prada :-)

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