Don't Hate the Tweet

Twitter might help you find a job or make teaching more effective, but most Americans don’t yet view it as a useful communication tool. Tyler Cowen shuns the doubters and blogs about what Tweeting means to him: instant feedback on lectures, an essential tool for researching blog posts, and an efficient alternative to a Google search. [%comments]

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  1. Robot Mistake says:

    tweets are like opinions… everyones has one.

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  2. Archaeopteryx says:

    And why, exactly, would I need an alternative to a Google Search in 140 characters or less?

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  3. Lee says:

    A lot of people are so fascinated with this mode of communications but for people who have been around for awhile know something similar – a telegram.

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  4. Caliphilosopher says:

    Why do we need instant feedback on lectures, especially when the material needs to be internalized first?

    What happened to people going to office hours?

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  5. vikram hegde says:

    The Indian Minister of State for External affairs Shashi Tharoor (who had earlier become famous during his unsuccessful bid to be UN Secretary General) was embroiled in a controversy in India as he referred to the economy class as cattle class in which he would travel in solidarity with the “holy cows”. Following him on twitter, I thought it was a neat pun. Didn’t go down well. I don’t know if he would have stayed away from this controversy if he had stuck to the longer format of communication on blogger. And 140 characters isn’t helping his suave image much either. In India, the soul of wit has transmigrated

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  6. Joe Torben says:

    Stephen Fry is the wittiest man alive. Even he can’t produce content worth looking at on Twitter. The idea that anyone else could is just completely incorrect. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along!

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  7. YX says:

    I use it as a news gathering device, especially when I’m waiting for new info on a specific topic or development.

    If something I want to keep a tab on, I clean out my followings and add all the related twitter accounts on that topic, so I get all the new stuff on the topic, which you can’t really do with Google.

    Like at the moment all my followings are on Win 7

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Twitter most certainly offer quick responses to several questions, good for the one who asks. But I’m a bit worried for those that response to those questions. It seems like they allow themselves to receive interruptions all day through. Being active on twitter demands the will to allow interruptions. I don’t think that’s facilitate peoples possibilities to get flow-experiences and efficiency in the work that they are actually supposed to do.

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