"Kevin Is Not a Name — It's a Diagnosis!"

We’ve written extensively about the consequences of baby naming. The name you choose for your children can affect his “Google-ability” or even get you in trouble with the law. A new survey of 2,000 elementary school teachers in Germany finds that your children’s names may also affect how teachers perceive them (translation available here). An overwhelming majority of the teachers surveyed associate “traditional” names with positive character traits and non-traditional names with weak performance and bad behavior. The name Kevin has particularly negative connotations; as one teacher wrote, “Kevin is not a name — it’s a diagnosis!” Astrid Kaiser, who conducted the study, said, “The names with positive connotations are all traditional German ones. What this shows is that children from a working class or immigrant background are clearly being discriminated against.” (HT: Herbert Engels) [%comments]


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  1. Kevin.S says:

    Damn, thank god i dont live in germany 😛

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  2. Ian M says:

    I disagree. Kevin got Winnie Cooper.

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  3. Marandi Sohrada says:

    I really think it is a pity that a great country such as Germany can judge a person by his/her name. I have a son called Kevin, currently studying in Germany and I truly hope he is not subject to this type of abuse. His grandparents and great grandparents are all from Germany and I am sure that people who judge my son for being called Kevin should think twice. How would you feel if your name is not a name but a diagnosis!! Liebe grusse Marandi Sohrada

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  4. Kevin John Braid says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA i can confirm this is true, also POTATO


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  5. Kevin Lee says:

    Whatever Germany 😛

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  6. KLASSIC says:

    I love My name!

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