The Dangers of a Live Twitter Feed

It seems to make all the sense in the world. You are WPMI-TV, the NBC affiliate that covers southern Alabama and some of the Florida Panhandle, and you rent a big electronic billboard to promote your nightly news and weather team. The billboard has nice big headshots of the three broadcasters: Greg Peterson, Kym Thurman, and Derek Beasley. And then, to the right of their pictures, the billboard will display the program’s live Twitter feed, nicely linking the broadcasters to the events they’re covering. One problem: apparently no one thought through what would happen if the live Twitter feed happened to read, as it recently did, “3 Accused of Gang Rape in Monroeville.” [%comments]


I believe the correct term is "classic"!


That's funny but isn't it overkill to suspend the general manager for it? It was just unfortunate juxtaposition, not like anyone was being malicious. Does someone get suspended everytime a newspaper headline gets laughed at on Leno?


"I don't care who you are that's funny" comes to mind.


I don't get it. The billboard is obviously an ad for a TV stations newscast. No one driving by would think those 3 are wanted for rape. They look like newscasters, not rapists. No reason anyone should be reprimanded (much less supended) for it. Hopefully a law suit is coming. . .


Hey Ben,
Maybe you can help me understand what a rapist looks like.


The juxtaposition of image and text was harmless and funny. Suspending a manager for it is insane and harmful.

John Hagman

Whoever suspended the general manager must be the model for Mr. Goodanrich, Dilbert's pointy haired boss. That's got to be knee-jerk oversight at its worst.


@DKfromA2 Usually when you see pictures of rapists on the news they are in prison jumpsuits.