Cities, Before and After

A site called Oobject features juxtaposed shots of cities before and after major events like war, natural disasters, and “property speculation.” Manhattan’s before image is imaginary, but it offers a glimpse of what it may have looked like before becoming the most populous metro area in the U.S. (HT: Kottke) [%comments]

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  1. Mikael says:

    Way to be biased re: Hiroshima. The site they are showing looks more like this (the photo is looking east across the central island):

    Fair enough, they did actually build a baseball stadium when they were rebuilding the city, but I’d hardly say that it is representative of the Hiroshima of today.

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  2. ej says:

    Leningrad Siege: Now and Then

    During nine hundred (!) days a few million people city of Leningrad suffered from cold and hunger, being deprived of almost all supplies of food and fuel. Many thousands died, those who survived remember this not very willingly.

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  3. Avi says:

    Very cool!

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  4. Gary says:

    It always amazes me to see how Japan and South Korea has been able to build such modern cities with high population density, though other parts of Asia are barely able to follow that trend.. What I see is that most cities in South Asia are planned with a lot of short sightedness…

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  5. Joe says:

    If you read the comments on the Hiroshima one, you’ll see that they were called out for using photos of Yokohama.

    Personally, I would have just juxtaposed all of them with shots of different sections of Disney World.

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