The Medal Count, by Market Value

This year’s Olympic medals “are the first containing metal salvaged from televisions, circuit boards, monitors and electronic waste.” Both the “gold” and “silver” medals are actually 92.5% silver, while the bronze medals are mostly copper. The first-place medals (which are gold-plated) are valued at about $537; the second-place medals are valued at about $300; and the third-place medals are valued at $3.40. Cybermetrics calculated this year’s Olympics champion, by market value of the medals — Canada takes first place with a total haul of $9,635. (HT: Cyril Morong)[%comments]


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  1. Dave, Boston says:

    I’m afraid this is a perfect example of knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.

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  2. Tim says:

    So team sports now share a single medal? If we’re calculating cost, you have to consider that every member of a bobsled team or hockey team receives a medal.

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  3. Jacquilynne says:

    Well, we did want to own the podium. Perhaps we can sell those medals off to buy it.

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  4. Brian says:


    I guess the Canadian government’s expecting a much better ROI from the concessions.

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  5. Cyril Morong says:


    I think you hit the nail on the head. I’m guilty as charged.


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  6. Cyril Morong says:

    If anyone wants to see the medal totals where they count everyone on a team, go to

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  7. Cyril Morong says:

    Sorry, I don’t think what I say in #6 is quite right. I don’t that is what they do there. Anyway, if someone knows where the total number of medals is listed, counting each member of team, let me know. Thanks. Then we can get to the bottom of this.

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  8. Joe in Jersey says:

    So where is all the money earned by the Olympics going if it’s not going into the medals or athletes? NBC paid over $2 billion for the TV rights (Summer and Winter), not to mention all other income from other sources, where is all this money going? Can I buy stock in the Olympics?

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