Why Women Choose Manly Men

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen’s Face Research Laboratory have some news of interest for particularly “masculine”-looking men. Almost 4,800 women from around the world logged on to the organization’s online lab over the past year, viewed 20 pairs of male faces (similar, but one slightly more masculine than the other), and expressed their preferences. The Wall Street Journal reports on what the researchers found: “They could predict how masculine a woman likes her men based on her nation’s World Health Organization statistics for mortality rates, life expectancy and the impact of communicable disease.” In short, women in less healthy countries preferred more masculine men, perhaps for their evolutionary advantages (testosterone is linked to health). So if you’re blessed or burdened with a short, broad face and a strong jawline, you might want to think about moving to Argentina. (HT: Daniel Lippman)[%comments]

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  1. It's all above the neck - their motto. says:

    The idea of a Face Research Laboratory brings the image of a lab full of heads floating in fluid.

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  2. Tom from Wisconsin says:

    But only if you are fluent in Spanish. I don’t think a masculine face will automatically overcome the language barrier.

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  3. Eric M. Jones says:

    If I were to tell you that I prefer “more feminine” women, what exactly would you suppose that means? Young, six-foot tall skinny jet -lack Ethopian visions-of-delight?

    I think the concept of “more masculine” is corrupt.

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  4. sam rothstein says:

    That’s a total misleading and unfair description of Argentina! It is not an unhealthy country.

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  5. Miguel says:

    Except that all other strong jawlined smooth talking men are also located in Argentina.

    Diminishing returns to jawline will occur exactly when you get there wink.

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  6. Nick says:

    From Scientific American:


    May it be that hormonal contraceptives are more available to women in developed nations than their less fortunate counterparts?

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  7. --E says:

    Doesn’t a population’s health also increase as their women’s education levels go up?

    Maybe unhealthy countries are just more sexist countries. If they’re not educating their women, they’re also likely teaching the whole population a more polarized standard of what is desirable in the opposite sex.

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  8. Federico says:

    Living in Argentina since I was born I can tell you that here European and USA citizens fare better than the Argentinian counterpart… We have a say here: “Billetera mata galan” that roughly translate to: “Wallet kills smoothtalker” 😉

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