Sexing Up Government Bonds

Japan’s Ministry of Finance is exploring a new avenue for selling government bonds: sexing them up. The new ad features five women and reads: “Men who hold JGBs are popular with women!!” As one of the women says: “I want my future husband to be diligent about money. Playboys are no good.” Government borrowing is currently at record levels in Japan. (HT: Greg Mankiw)[%comments]

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  1. Todd Fox says:

    No matter what women might tell you, we all know that bigger really is better. Trying to make a government bond, with a ridiculously small yield, more appealing through “sexy advertising” is the equivalent of stuffing a sweatsock in your jockeys. The package might appear to be a decent size, but when you look inside you see that you’re really not going to get any bang for your investment buck.

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  2. Brian McCulloch says:

    Any chance of a link to the actual ad? Had a look on the MoF website but couldn’t find it.

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