Disputing the Canseco Effect

Sabernomics offers a different take on the Gould and Kaplan study of the Canseco Effect. “I have problems with both the study’s design and the interpretation of the reported results,” writes J.C. Bradbury. “My disagreement does not mean that the effect does not exist, only that I do not see a pattern consistent with Canseco spreading steroids to his teammates.”[%comments]

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  1. Travis L says:

    The baseball SABR community (basically the stat heads so often derided by announcers) has studied steroids at length. In depth. Using some seriously powerful applied statistics.

    They have been unable to prove anything WRT steroids. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t an effect — just that we haven’t been able to measure it. Which implies the effect was massively less important than the normal variation in player performance.

    It’s time that writers stop assuming that steroids boost performance in baseball, until we have some work that supports that assumption. Otherwise all we have is fake science.

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  2. Todd Kaplan says:

    You can read the updated version of the paper at http://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/24232/

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