iPhone Users Have More Sex

As widely reported in the press recently, analysis done by the online dating site OKCupid finds that iPhone users are more sexually active than those who have Blackberrys or Androids.

The implications of this research, at least for me personally, are quite clear.

I’ve been wanting to get an iPhone for some time, but still don’t have one. The reason, I now understand, is that I?don’t have enough sex. I will have to talk to my wife about remedying this immediately.

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  1. NoSexNoPhone says:

    I have neither iPhone, nor Android, nor Blackberry. At last, it’s now crystal clear why my wife hasn’t touched me in six months.

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  2. Steve says:

    What is incredibly stupid about that study is that it assumes all the pictures we own of ourselves are taken by our cameras. All this proves is people who own iPhones take pictures of people who have more sex. OKCupid doesn’t ask the user what type of phone they personally own. Incredibly flawed results if you ask me.

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  3. Chung says:

    Great way of taking advantage of their lack of causility. Although nothing beats shopping causes Christmas.

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  4. Brian S says:

    The best part about these results is really that a not-insignificant number of people are going to buy iPhones as a result thinking it will improve their sex lives. This will really happen.

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  5. Dan says:

    I dunno man.. this might be a case of “chicken or the egg.” Good luck though!

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  6. Sam Bejar says:

    The question here is:

    Do the owners of I-Phones have more sex as a consequence of having such a sexy phone, or is the other way around, people who normally have more sex tend to get an I-Phone because it’s a sexy gadget?

    Sam Bejar.
    Mexico City.

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  7. Ike says:

    They use avg number of partners. So a person who has sex 8 times with 8 different people looks more sexually active then a person who has sex hundreds of times with 3 people.

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  8. KevinM says:

    Maybe if you bought HER an iphone…?

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