The Best Anti-Penny Rant Ever?

I’ve already used up too much of your bandwidth complaining about the uselessness of pennies, but allow me to share with you a wonderful vlog rant by John Green on the many, many reasons why the penny (and the nickel, too) should be abolished. He is good.


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  1. jp weaver says:

    you forgot to mention why the government won’t eliminate pennies- taxes. I, for one, don’t want my 6% sales tax rounded up to the next $.05 (or worse $.10) – otherwise I agree

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  2. Drill-Baby-Drill Drill Team says:

    Give a Penny to Panhandlers….It irritates the HECK out of them. They do not want to burdened with worthless change. They have holes in their pockets. And Beers are two dollars plus. CIgarettes over 5 dollars.

    Penny for the beggar. Pretty soon we will not have beggars.

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  3. Otter says:

    Why go through all the trouble of federal red tape to get rid of the penny and create local or state laws that require all pricing to include taxes AND be rounded to the nearest $.05

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  4. Jeremy Laughlin says:

    Having worked in a coffee shop for a while where a surprising number of people pay in cash, I must say that eliminating the penny and nickel would necessitate the elimination of sales tax.

    Even if prices could be successfully adjusted to never require a penny or a nickel after sales tax is added, it would take so much extra time and effort to do it that the nation as a whole would simply have shifted the time wasted on managing pennies to managing pricing.

    What am I missing?

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  5. Jim B. says:

    Why not just get rid of cash more or less altogether?

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  6. josey says:

    What about the sales gimmick of $_._9 prices? Would the price of an iTunes download now be a full $1.00? Who’d pay a full dollar for stuff???


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  7. Magnus Falk says:

    @Jeremy Laughlin

    That’s something that’s always bothered me with the US: why on earth so you add sales tax _afterwards_? Everywhere else in the world the sales tax is baked into the price and there are no annoying surprises when you get to the register. That way you can figure out how much you need to pay before the cashier finishes tallying everything and everything is sped up. A win for everyone involved!

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    • Howard Brazee says:

      Actually, I’m glad to see sales tax added afterward. The closer we get to seeing what we pay for taxes, the better I like it. Too bad this isn’t particularly close.

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  8. Sfny77 says:

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    • David` says:

      Pennies aren’t the basis of US money. The Dollar is. Change is a subdivision of the base money.

      Besides that, everyone is missing an important (but incredibly pedantic) point. The US doesn’t have pennies. It has one cent coins.

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