Because We Haven't Brought You Enough News on Canadian Agriculture Lately …

Here are two interesting items:

A Macleans article about one investment firm’s effort to assemble one of the biggest farms in the world by piecing together Aboriginal land.

And a very interesting National Post series about Canada’s massive illegal tobacco market, most of it centered on Aboriginal land as well, but including cameos by the Hell’s Angels, mafiosos, and others.

I am in the midst of a few quick trips to Canada, and am reminded of how little of their news crosses the border to us.

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  1. LisetteCMS says:

    The article in the post shows how tobacco is slowly becoming as powerful as drugs in Canada. I was surprised when I read that the only reason people consider finding ways to stop this is because it has halted the downward slide in smoking among the population. It is better for them to seem well off than to actually be well off by sticking to the law. This issue has brought along with it negative externalities as well as positive ones. As mentioned before, it has halted the decline in smoking rates. And, it’s an illegal activity. However, it has helped depressed native economies and helped in the circulation of money as people in this business have a lot of money to spend on “nice” things such as cars and mansions. If measures ARE taken to improve the situation, then new positive externalities will emerge, such as the education of the people in Canada (as mentioned by the flying dragon). When in need, people are blinded and turn to whatever is easiest, which is why many natives in Canada have turned to this illegal activity. If the benefits of educating the Canadians and fixing the problem outweigh the costs of doing so, then it would be best if measures were taken. However, meanwhile they’re helping money circulate and they’re helping brands and companies as they spend their money on those brand’s and companies’ goods and services.

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  2. Joe Smith says:

    Hard to believe that one million acres on leased land would be an appropriate model for an efficient farm.

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  3. Shirley Hicks says:

    The lack of news reflects a lack of interest. Canadians @ home, take heart….

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  4. jimi says:

    Funny headline. I was thinking just the opposite.

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  5. keith says:

    No opinion on the BHP Billiton tender for Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan?

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