The Downside of Reusable Grocery Bags

You know those reusable cloth bags that environmentally-conscious shoppers proudly tote to the grocery store? It turns out they may be making you sick. A journalist in Denver set about testing a variety of reusable cloth bags for bacteria, and the results aren’t pretty. Several of the bags had low to moderate levels of bacteria, while two bags had much higher levels. “Wow. Wow. That is pretty impressive,” said Dr. Michelle Baron, an infectious disease expert at the University of Colorado Hospital. “We’re talking in the million range of bacteria.” The solution? Wash the bags after each use. (HT: Stuart Roy) [%comments]

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  1. Seapebble says:

    Another great solution is to use reusable bags that can be wipe cleaned. I am using kerribags ( for four years now and I never had a hygiene issue.
    I also think that all environmentally-conscious shoppers that proudly tote to the grocery store with their reusable bags have every right to be proud.

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