Green Noise

Reusable grocery bags may be unsanitary but at least they’re quiet.

The same cannot be said for Frito Lay’s new environmentally friendly SunChips bag. The bag is so noisy that the company, after lots of consumer backlash (including Facebook campaigns), is ditching the effort. (My kids ate a bag of these chips in the car not long ago and it was so noisy I could barely drive. It wasn’t just loud, but a quality of loud that was impossible to ignore, like 100 little old ladies in the theater all uncrinkling their hard candies at once.)

Surely this doesn’t rank up there with bird-killing windmills (a relatively scarce occurrence), or the species-endangering Endangered Species Act. But I am guessing the SunChips affair is a harbinger of our increasingly green future. (HT: Jason Goede)

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  1. bigguy says:

    “like 100 little old ladies in the theater all uncrinkling their hard candies at once”

    Good stuff!

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  2. Ian Kemmish says:

    Every problem is an opportunity. Simply market the noisy bags to dieters.

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  3. ryan says:

    agreed, but i liked being able to toss them out the window while i was driving…after all they are biodegradeable.

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  4. Maltheos says:

    I’d disagree — I have seen other bags that were biodegradeable in the same manner a that are not that insanely loud. They are as loud as normal bags plastic bags. The Sunchips bag was IMHO the result of picking green and inexpensive and not caring about side issues like noisiness.

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  5. Marc Stoiber says:

    First off, I think the comments are hilarious. I love the ‘market to dieters’ solution. True lateral thinking genius!

    I work in green innovation, and was at the Sustainable Brands conference 2 years ago when the bag was announced – to much fanfare and celebration. We all thought it nailed an insight – bring your green innovation close to the consumer, and give them a chance to participate.

    The bag’s failure (and I hope it’s a ‘fail fast, learn, and then succeed next time’ type failure) underlines a key insight into the evolving green consumer. They want green, but don’t want to sacrifice at all to get it.

    This might be a bit exasperating, but as far as innovation goes, it presents a great problem to solve. How to innovate sustainably, creating products that are SIGNIFICANTLY better than their non-green brethren.

    Hats off to Sunchips for trying. Look forward to seeing the 2.0 version.

    Marc Stoiber

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  6. Christina says:

    A quality of noise that was too loud to ignore??? I can’t believe someone actually took the time to write that down. Marc, you say that people want to be green and yet not sacrifice anything. I say those people are the failure, not the bag. I find it ridiculous and I feel ashamed that there are actually people out there that refuse to purchase Sun Chips because the bag crinkles too loudly. It just makes me feel sick and disappointed in humanity.

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  7. Jeff #3 says:

    Whe I saw the title I thought it was in reference to the wind turbine noises……

    Which is just what we need, another reason for the NIMBY crowd to drag us kicking and screaming back into the 20th century.

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