A Dunkin' Donuts Store Exhibits Penny Sanity

One Dunkin’ Donuts store is taking a stand against the penny. A sign at the store reads “We will be rounding your change to the closest nickel. For example, if your change is $2.03, we will give you $2.05. If your change is $2.22, you will receive $2.20. For any customer who still would like their pennies, please just ask the cashier and we would be happy to accommodate you.” The change is designed to speed up service. Here’s hoping the initiative goes viral. (HT: David McCall and Meir Lindenbaum) [%comments]


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  1. scott says:

    “can any of you supporters of the inflationary theory point to a single country where abandoning pennies has caused this?”

    What you don’t seem to understand is eliminating pennies in and of itself does not cause inflation. The elimination of pennies symptomatic of a larger phenomenon that occurs when inflation is present. The question is why have we gotten to a point where pennies are near worthless?

    Next up for elimination are nickles as they become worthless. Then the dime, then quarter, then dollar… you see where this is headed? It’s quite fascinating, albeit also unsettling, to watch this occur. Possibly more fascinating when you realize most people have no clue the ramifications of these types of things – the thought process doesn’t go beyond “well at least my pockets will be lighter”. Go critical thinking!

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  2. Mike says:

    Yeah, “go critical thinking”, and figuring out cause and effect.

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  3. Georgia says:

    As someone who works in a shop, I would like to point out that it really only takes 1 extra second, tops, to move your hand to the next segment of the till and pick up a penny. Also, just a thought, may seem daft, but as people generally only donate to the charity collection boxes by the till if their change is 1-4 of those annoying little pennies, perhaps charities could lose revenue from a lack of pennies?

    Last bit, to echo previous comments: money is still money/every little counts etc etc, it’s still cash, am I really that tight, or does it just seem a bit blase to dismiss your pennies so quickly?

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  4. Neel Kumar says:

    It would be far far simpler to just charge in round numbers! Why can’t the prices be set in such a way that after taxes they come to round numbers?

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  5. Eric R says:

    “Next up for elimination are nickles as they become worthless. Then the dime, then quarter, then dollar…”

    The US stopped producing half cents in 1857. If they stopped making pennies now it means that it took 165 years of inflation to drop a coin with 2x the value of the last discontinued coin. With the nickel being a 5x jump and a dime 2x from there and a quarter 2.5x from there, we might be talking hundreds of years before those other coins go the way of the dodo

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