Is Your ATM a Bacterial Bomb?

Might want to carry your Purell to the ATM from now on. A new study finds that the numeric keypads on London ATMs are as bacteria-contaminated as the seats of public restrooms. “We were interested in comparing the levels of bacterial contamination between heavily-used ATM machines and public lavatories,” said Dr. Richard Hastings, who spearheaded the experiment. “We were surprised by our results because the ATM machines were shown to be heavily contaminated with bacteria; to the same level as nearby public lavatories. In addition the bacteria we detected on ATMs were similar to those from the toilet, which are well known as causes of common human illnesses.” (HT: Collin Campbell) [%comments]


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  1. Jackie says:

    But how do they compare with the size of the state of Rhode Island? THAT’s the must-use metric.

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  2. hal says:

    Just a “spritz” is all it takes.

    Kill the beneficial bacteria leaving only the resistant pathogens.

    Accelerated evolutionary suicide induced by fear (and uninformed by science).

    The human species decimating pandemic will be from a microbe we created ourselves – perhaps on a toilet seat or ATM.

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  3. PeteB says:

    Toilet seats are not that bad as far as bacteria counts go. It’s the handrails and other places where everyone puts a hand that are bad. As someone else already said, “bacteria are everywhere” and mostly they are pretty benign. Just wash your hands before eating or poking at open wounds.

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