Moving Day for This Blog: Thanks for Everything!

In August, 2007, the Freakonomics blog took up residence on It has been a great ride. But now we are riding off, back to an independent We plan to flip the switch sometime tomorrow.

If you have this blog bookmarked, you’ll be automatically redirected to the new site. If you follow via RSS feed, you’ll find that we’ve restored a full feed rather than the partial one.

Why are we moving? Primarily because Freakonomics took on a life of its own the past few years, spawning a variety of offspring (a second book, a film, a radio show, etc.). Those projects were scattered around the web. It was time to call them all home, under one roof, and unite them with this blog. So that’s what the new will be.

The new site won’t be fully stocked from day one but it should be in pretty good shape. I’d like to thank the many folks who’ve been working hard to make it happen, as well as the Times people — from the tech, design, business, and editorial sides — who have made our stay here so enjoyable.

Our biggest asset is of course our readership. It’s an amazing community that has developed — who knew there were so many vociferous knitters, for instance, or fans of spinning dancers, or six-word mottoists — and I can’t wait to keep the conversation going in our new home.


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  1. Jack says:

    Godspeed on the way to new servers. Many thanks for making the move; I was worried I would be cut off from your blog once the NYT paywall went up.

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  2. Eric M. Jones says:

    Are you taking Levitt along?

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  3. Kyle Maxwell says:

    The NYT is rapidly spinning off everything (On Language, The Ethicist, Freakonomics, etc.) I love about this site.

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  4. DaveyNC says:

    Gotta say, I think the Times brought in readers that weren’t here back when you were unaffiliated. I hope they follow to the new site. They made for a more robust discussion, whether I agreed with them or not.

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