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A Freakonomics reader (we’ll call her “Sugar Baby”) is documenting her two-week experiment with online “Sugar Daddy Dating”: “beautiful women post pictures while wealthy men post their income and voilà! – the perfect Darwinian couple is created.  Because the expectation is short term, it’s flirting with the title of an escort service, or worse, prostitution.”  While she didn’t meet any of the men on the dating website in person, Sugar Baby nonetheless gathers some interesting information on the effectiveness of different dating profiles and who’s getting the better deal in these exchanges.

Tyler M

I wonder if returns are greater for a woman if the man doesn't know that she is mining for his gold.


Would be interesting to see of the reverse is true: cougars and young men. I am willing to wager a significant amount that the cougars would be willing to spend lesser amount of money on young men due to a simple demand and supply equation. My assumptions for this hypothesis are:
1. there would be a lot lower number of cougars on the market than sugar daddies
2. young men would gain a lot more satisfaction with the physical part of the relationship and hence, would be less demanding financially to the cougar

Adrian Meli

Mayuresh, I think your thoughts have to be true. It is a good idea for a study and ripe with potential so I think she should go further with her analysis. As the online dating market is so huge and will have very important long-term implications, I have always found analysis on the market interesting though lackign in depth. I would love to see more work done in the space. I think all the niches for online dating have started to widen the market but I have never seen any analysis on which ones people find the most success (and furthermore how most people define succcess on these sites). More data please! - Adrian Meli


But I wonder how many men (of any age) think, "I wish I had more friends; I know, I'll go online to a matchmaking website and see if there are any women who are looking for men just to hang out with them."

As an introvert, I find the first part almost impossible to understand. As a man, I find the second part ludicrous. What kind of alien would you have to be to find the whole thought reasonable?

Eric M. Jones

On roughly the same trajectory, here is the secret that most guys have been searching for, that explains why women who they can't get are going with guys who are creeps.

One day I asked my friend "Texas Mike" why it was that I couldn't compete for the sweetness of women who chose creeps instead?

Texas (Buddha) Mike looked at me and said, "Eric, you're a nice guy but you simply lack the Sociopathic Edge."

I asked for some clarification on this pronunciamiento, and Mike continued, "Well, would you DO ANYTHING to get the girl?"

I sat there knowing I had just been taught by a master. "No..." I said softly.

"Well, HE would.... So there ya' go." (He should have ended that statement with..."Grasshopper."


3/4s of a rich guy's income seems like an unfairly small contribution for the pleasure of her company, ouch.


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Love is life!


Life is for living!

Qua International

Sugar dating caused quite a ruckus recently, but it's a dynamic that has existed since the beginning of time and although referenced as 'prostitution,' it is a relationship dynamic that is far more nuanced than that.
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