I Love These Hand-Dryers

Maybe Dyson should be making smartphones too, eh? They are so much fun to use that I wonder if people will be more likely to wash their hands in airport restrooms


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  1. Bridget McKenna says:

    The Dyson dryers are the best. If fast and yes, FUN isn’t incentive enough, I don’t know what is. Dyson should probably be making everything.

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  2. Elisabeth says:

    I LOVE THESE!!! I cannot say it enough!!

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  3. Christopher says:

    Anecdotal evidence suggests, no. We’ve had them around here for a while, but I notice no change in the people walking past without washing.

    (In a most likely vain attempt to defend myself from seeming creepy, I have two sons and spend a lot of time waiting by the sink in men’s rooms.)

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  4. Cameron says:

    Though I don’t consider myself much of a germaphobe, these dryers immediately struck me as somewhat unhygenic – I couldn’t dry my hands without hitting them on the casing. Also, as these dryers require the user’s hands to enter the dryer at a certain angle they are not particularly friendly to those that have certain physical impairments. As much as I agree with you that the hand-drying mechanism is likely important when it comes to decisions about whether or not you will wash your hands, I wonder if this particular model of dryer might actually have a few attributes that would discourage people from washing their hands?

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  5. Denis says:

    I tried them up and they were fast but I noticed there was a tiny puddle of water at the bottom and
    was worried that there are germs from other people in that water which could
    hit my finger so now I don’t use them

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  6. Brian W says:

    Had these installed in our new office building. They are the best of the bunch as far as blow dryers go – high velocity and quite fast. Ours were very loud.

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  7. tiffanized says:

    I used one of these at a fancy movie theater and felt like a superhero flying*.

    *I may have been drinking.

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  8. Joe says:

    While I do think the idea is cool and the implementation mostly well-done, I agree with others that the dryer is difficult to use without touching the sides, and the automatic sensor is positioned such that it shuts off before my hands are completely dry.

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