I Love These Hand-Dryers

Maybe Dyson should be making smartphones too, eh? They are so much fun to use that I wonder if people will be more likely to wash their hands in airport restrooms


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  1. Bill McGonigle says:

    I tried one of these once and it didn’t dry well at all. Give me a cheap paper towel any day.

    It’s amazing that drying hands in a restroom is still such an active area of development. Electric dryers have never worked well (and always slowly) but the owners of the restrooms are happy to externalize the costs of a 2 minute rubbish can dump onto the patrons, who may each spend two minutes drying their hands.

    I’d gladly drop a nickel in a towel vending machine for a good paper towel, if the ‘free’ choice is an electric drying machine. If that’s my only choice and I’m in a rush, I find that pants work well enough.

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  2. Delia Lloyd says:

    Love these. One of my favorite things abt living in UK. Glad to hear they have made their way cross the Atlantic.

    Delia Lloyd

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  3. James says:

    I agree that they’re nice and fun to use, but they make SO MUCH noise! I always avoid them if there are quieter alternatives.

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  4. Kathleen Lisson says:

    I used one of these amazing machines earlier this year in an airport and I came out of the restroom and annoyed my boyfriend by talking nonstop for three minutes about how I was amazed by how dry my hands were! I even made him feel my hands. Great product!

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  5. jliu08 says:

    I love these things!!! They dry your hand quickly and doesn’t make waste!! We need more of these.

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  6. Chris Berl says:

    Amazing the number of comments on this. The Dyson Airblade had been a phenomenon in the hand dryer industry in the last year. Yes, Mitsubishi developed a similar machine first, but Dyson made it faster and then put some marketing dollars behind it – rare since this is a pretty small market. (Yes they are in many places, but once they are up they stay up – it’s not like they are constantly being re-purchased like paper towels.) Dyson then charged much more for these and was still able to sell a lot of them – because they work and are new and different than what most people are used to.

    There are a couple of videos you can see here: https://www.dyson-airblade.com/index.php

    Loved reading Freak0nomics, by they way. Talk about making a lot out of a simple concept!

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  7. JBJ says:

    So its you guys that are creating those crazy germophobe people running around with disinfectant! It’s good manners to wash your hand but I fail to see the lethal consequences for everyone else if it was a urination (not defecation) unless you are a doctor going to an operating room!

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  8. Walter Wimberly says:

    My sons and I hate them. They are sensitive to noise (one is autistic the other hasn’t been tested yet), and they are extremely noisy. They always wash their hands then try to run from the things.

    I have to wear wrist braces, and the holes aren’t quite large enough to get my hands in comfortably to wash them. So my fingers are nice and dry, but the hands – not so much.

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