I Love These Hand-Dryers

Maybe Dyson should be making smartphones too, eh? They are so much fun to use that I wonder if people will be more likely to wash their hands in airport restrooms


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  1. Mike S says:

    I’m not a big fan of these. As opposed to the regular hand dryers, there is a greater chance of accidental contact with the dryer, and I’m always concerned that the other people using them may not have adequately washed their hands.

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  2. Jon VP says:

    They have these at the Intercontinental Hotel near O’Hare. I look forward to meetings there just so I can use the Dyson hand dryers.

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  3. Alison (@SassyMomChicago) says:

    Thanks for linking to my post on http://www.SassyMomsintheCity.com! It was exciting to meet you in Chicago and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Finally saw the movie which was enlightening. Highly recommend for those who have not had the opportunity.


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  4. Concept Hygiene says:

    I haven’t heard of it. Would you mind sharing it with us so everybody would know about this product?

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  5. Heather says:

    These are banned in food processing facilities for being unhygenic. they tend to spray the bacteria all over the place (including on the workers). Instead we use good old hand towels.

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