Is David Ortiz the New Yogi Berra?

Photo: Rubenstein

Here’s what the Red Sox slugger had to say recently about the sour streak his team has been on lately, endangering its playoff hopes:

“There’s nobody to blame but everybody.”

If I were a CEO, or the president of something, or someone with even the slightest responsibility for anything, I would tuck this quote in my back pocket and whip it out when things get grim.

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  1. Mike K. says:

    Well, he’s almost as well-loved as Yogi, but he’ll need about two dozen more of these to be in Yogi’s league as a wordsmith. And though it’s a good line, it doesn’t have that paradoxical quality that Yogi’s best ones do.

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  2. Timmers says:

    Let’s see…he’ll also need another 11 World Series rings, 11 more all-star appearances, 3 AL MVPs… Maybe not.

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  3. jimmy says:

    here’s nobody to blame but everybody?

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